Business Owners


International Manpower Connection, Inc. earned its excellent reputation from its universally known recruitment of highly qualified Caregivers and CNAs for facilities throughout the United States. Our applicants are talented, dedicated and compassionate individuals who are currently working abroad in countries such as Israel, Europe, Nepal, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines.

The shortage of workers for healthcare in the U.S. has limited the expansion of many growing companies. IMC's services ensure that you can meet the current and future demands and challenges of your business.

Commercial Maintenance and Upkeep:

As the demand for manpower hits an all time high, IMC offers all business owners the opportunity to take advantage of their services and alleviate the stressful hiring process connecting Electricians, Construction Workers, General Labor/Cleaning, Handymen, Janitors, Engineering and Aerospace workers to qualified companies short on staff.

IMC does not charge for recruitment services. All of the legal work is done by their successful team of U.S. immigration lawyers based in Los Angeles, California. 

For Overseas Applicants

 International Manpower Connection, Inc's team of experienced and reputable immigration lawyers guide their clients through the necessary steps to obtain their U.S. work visas and begin rewarding careers. For nearly two decades, IMC's services and expertise have helped hundreds of workers achieve success in various fields of work in the U.S.