For Overseas Applicants

What are the steps in obtaining a Green Card through employment?

There are three main steps, or "phases":

Phase I: Application for Permanent Employment Certification (ETA 9089)-Labor Certification  

Phase II: Immigrant Petition for Alien Worker (I-140)-Immigrant Petition

Phase III: Consular Processing of Visa (DS260)-Permanent Residency/Green Card

Who can petition me? 

International Manpower Connection, Inc. receives "job orders" from healthcare facilities located throughout the United States. These large, multimillion-dollar companies give IMC full authorization to recruit employees on their behalf and serve as your petitioners. 

Am I qualified? 

Petitioning employers ask for at least one year of work experience in their related field. Applicants must also speak fluent English. 

Can my spouse and children join me? 

Yes. Spouses, and children under the age of 21, qualify for derivative status. Derivative status means they are able to apply for a Green Card along with you. 

Does IMC only deal with Employment Based Visas? 

No. Although we specialize in Employment Based Visas, IMC will gladly assist you with any other Immigration-related needs.    


For Employers / Business Owners

What are the benefits of my company placing a job order?

With the rising shortage of workers all across the U.S., placing a job order with IMC will eliminate the stressful, costly, time-consuming and sometimes unsuccessful search for the right employees. We have an excellent reputation with all the companies we staff. In addition, we offer our services at no cost to your business. 

Please contact IMC for any questions or to initiate the process for sponsorship of your future employees. All of our applicants receive rigorous background checks, provide multiple references and are asked to undergo medical examinations to ensure their health and well-being as your prospective employee. These highly qualified workers are passionate about their work, honest, dedicated and experienced.  

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